About Angila

Angila Petris is a financial expert, mom, and an advocate for community-focused health care. 


After relocating to Coos Bay four years ago, Angila and her husband Philip welcomed their son last year. After experiencing a difficult pregnancy, Angila delivered their son at Bay Area Hospital – relying on the care and community of the staff to help her through the experience.

Knowing the difference a valued, supported staff makes for patients, Angila is running for the Bay Area Hospital Board of Directors to help ensure the hospital is for the community, by the community, and keeps providing the high level of care that made such a difference in her life and the life of her child.



I’m running for the Board to bring my years of managerial experience and education in finance and business, as well as my personal life-saving experience at Bay Area Hospital, to create a thriving community of service and support.

Ensuring Bay Area Hospital is for the community, by the community.

Unlike most hospitals in Oregon, Bay Area Hospital is a public hospital intended to truly serve our local community. I want to ensure the community feels involved and supported by their hospital. 

Fostering a supportive environment for staff to best serve patients.

By making sure staff members have all the tools and resources needed to serve patients, we can provide the best quality experience for those like myself who rely on their support and service.

Bringing financial acumen to ensure long-term success.

With my experience in finance and business, I’m coming equipped with a skill set that will contribute to the ongoing success of our hospital and our ability to increase community health.